Pernille Garde Stage Art

Selected as one of the highlights on CPH STAGE 2021


LEA’S ROOM is a dark, poetic and visually strong dance performance based on a true story. The performance uncovers the vulnerable situation a child is left alone in after sexual abuse. The performance highlights the brutal change of reality, loss of meaning and identity; threatened into silence, traumatized; in shame, guilt and fear.

LEA’S ROOM shifts in time and space between being a child and an adult, combining real events with dreamlike images. LEA’S ROOM uses subtle humor to shed light upon a complex topic and is mediated through dance, words, video and new music.

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  • Pernille Garde (Choreographer)
  • Niklas Schak (Sound Designer)
  • Signe Krogh (Scenographer)
  • Maria Pi Houman (Lighting Designer)
  • Åsa Gjerstad (Costume Designer)
  • Lisbeth Sonne Andersen (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Lea Vesterby Nikulin (Other)
  • Sherwin Reyes (Dancer)
  • Bo Madvig (Dancer)
  • Jan Vesala (Dancer)
  • Jacob Stage (Fotograf)
  • Niklas Schak (Composer)

All play times

  • Friday 04th June 4.00pm
  • Saturday 05th June 4.00pm


Nyhavn 16
1051 København K