Local Hero Part 2

Guest performance by Swedish company Bombina Bombast Sydhavn Teater


Recovering from their struggle against hordes of American copyright lawyers in “THERE GOES MY LOCAL HERO 1.5”, Swedish company Bombina Bombast brings you:
LOCAL HERO 2, or We Were Here Before the Copyrights And There’s No ”Sue” In Super Hero(TM) (Please Don’t Sue Us)

In the US the punishment for murder is less than for breach of copyright. The term Super Hero(TM) has been trademarked by Marvel and DC. But aided by the Iliad, Bombina Bombast proves that Hollywood does not have exclusive rights to epic tales of god-like heroes. Athena was here before Wonder Woman, and toga beats cape. Showtime!

The performance is part of Sydhavn Teater’s Scenesommer festival, as well as CPH Stage.

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  • Bombina Bombast (Concept)
  • Emma Bexell (Dramaturg)
  • Stefan Stanisic (Director)
  • Catrine Bek (Manager)
  • Julie Lindvik (Performer)
  • Jerk Ohlson Westin (Performer)
  • Andrea Vik (Performer)
  • Olof Yassin (Performer)


Karens Minde Kulturhus
Wagnersvej 19
2450 København SV