Cathrin Jensen

The performance is a part of Teaterøens TEATER TAPAS.

Experience 4 out of 7 30 minutes performances in in a relaxed environment on the many scenes of the Theater. Total price 150 kr.

You choose the 4 performances you would like to see on the day when you arrive at the Theater Café. It is possible to buy tapas for 150 kr.


META is a research into the being of the human nature.

What are we besides physical substance and what is our essence?
This performance investigates the many layers of the existence and stages the conditions and feelings we get in touch with as we start exploring and questioning the metaphysical way of thinking about life and being.

A part af “Theater Tapas”


  • Cathrin Jensen (Performer)
  • Cathrin Jensen (Playwright)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K