Mit Arbejde

Husets Teater


When the author Anna gives birth to a child, it hits her like a shock. She can’t sleep, she’s afraid that the child won’t attach to her, and she refuses to let her partner help her. She is seeking a place in the world among breastfeeding, lack of sleep, laundry and shopping, and is struggling to be able to think and write again.

In MY WORK, author Olga Ravn honestly describes the encounter with motherhood. Olga Ravn received the Politiken Literature Prize 2020 for the book.


  • Liv Helm (Director)
  • Freya Sif Hestnes (Scenographer)
  • Christian Vest Berntsen (Lighting Designer)
  • Nanna-Karina Schleimann (Sound Designer)
  • Sanne Albjørk (Dramaturg)
  • Marie-Lydie Melono Nokouda (Actor)
  • Christine Sønderris (Actor)
  • Olga Ravn (Playwright)

All play times

  • Friday 03rd June 8.00pm
  • Saturday 04th June 4.00pm
  • Saturday 04th June 8.00pm


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V