Electronic music meets political poetry Anika Barkan


A performance concert that operates in a field of tension between electronic pop, performance, poetry, and battle cries. The music goes from the hard and dirty, to the fragile and beautiful. The texts deal with themes of oppression, paralysis of action, and privilege blindness. But also the care that lies in indulging – to lean into and embrace the reality of others- to dare to believe and dream. We are looking for the beat that will make you move and be moved.

This event is in english

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  • Anika Barkan (Performer)
  • Mika Forsling (Musician)
  • Anika Barkan (Playwright)
    Mika Forsling (Composer)

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  • Saturday 04th June 8.30pm


AFUK Scene
Enghavevej 82
2450 København SV