Mungo Park

Mungo Park


Dogstar Theatre Company


Reaching into Europe’s colonial past and pulling it into the 21st century, director Martin Lyngbo has created a Hollywood epic on an empty stage to create a tragi-comedy of the Enlightenment.

In 1795 and 1805, Park led two action-packed expeditions to West Africa to chart the River Niger and investigate tales of vast gold wealth. His epic journeys on foot took him through present-day Gambia, Senegal and Mali. He was the first European to reach Timbuktu. Constantly encountering the unknown, he was met with both kindness and barbarity, but it was the barbarity he eventually met within himself which proved to be his undoing.

This event is in english


  • Martin Lyngbo (Director)
  • Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg (Scenographer)
  • Anders Budde Christensen (Actor)
  • Kingsley Amadi (Actor)
  • Matthew Zajac (Actor)
  • Thor Bjørn Krebs og Martin Lyngbo (Playwright)
    Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg (Composer)