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Narsarsuaq: IN ZOMBIELAND is part of a multiperformance project. In five independant short performances of different form, we show the last 50 years of urbanization proces of Greenland.

IN ZOMBIELAND is created on stories from the novel collection Zombie land written by Sørine Steenholdt. It is a hardcore, physical poetic performance filled with the youth’s dreams, fears and hopes. All accompanied by great compositions by Hans Ole Amossen, who is one of the raquets of the Greenlandic musical scene.

The 4 other performances are: THE VIEW, BOY MEETS CONCRETE, BLOCK 4 and REMEMBER LISA. They can be seen separately – and are all shown during one day at The Greenlandic House.

This event is in english

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  • Hanne Trap Friis (Director)
  • Nukakkuluk Kreutzmann (Actor)
  • Klaus Geisler (Actor)
  • Amisuna Berthelsen (Actor)
  • Sørine Steenholdt (GR) (Playwright)
    Hans-Ole Amossen (Composer)


Det Grønlandske Hus
Løvstræde 6
1152 København K