Narsarsuaq: REMEMBER LISA?

Stories from the heart of Nuuk, Greenland Teater freezeProductions


Narsarsuaq: REMEMBER LISA? is part of a multiperformance project. In five independant short performances of different form, we show the last 50 years of urbanization proces of Greenland.

In 1985 a woman was murdered in Blok 6,- and the murderer was never found. We meet Lisa again and she wants us to remember her. In a drama both with different murderers, Lisa’s story, and the talk about how we must never forget people’s lives and stories we all get close to one of the unsolved and still known stories of Sletten.

The 4 other performances are: IN ZOMBIELAND, BOY MEETS CONCRETE, BLOCK 4 and THE VIEW. They can be seen separately – and are all shown during one day at The Greenlandic House.

This event is in english

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  • Hanne Trap Friis (Director)
  • Klaus Geisler (Actor)
  • Else Danielsen (Actor)
  • Klaus Geisler (GR) og Hanne Trap Friis (DK) (Playwright)


Det Grønlandske Hus
Løvstræde 6
1152 København K