Nature Wild

Nordic Performance Art


Den Fynske Opera


Based on real stories and interviews with returning soldiers and their family members countertenor Daniel Carlsson (S), dancer Taneli Torma (FI), electro musician Aku Raski (FI), video- sound- and performance artist Tine Louise Kortermand (DK) tells on cohesion, how it feels to be a stranger in your own family, living in parallel worlds, to sink into the darkness – and reemerge to the surface.

Nature Wild is a hybrid of documentary video set design, electronic beats, opera, indie, dance and performance art … the body’s own sound inbetween breaking branches.

Join us when the struggle to return home takes a detour in the human mind and a trip into the wild.

This event is in english

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  • Taneli Törmä (Choreographer)
  • Tine Louise Kortermand (Scenographer)
  • Tine Louise Kortermand (Video Designer)
  • Aku Raski (Sound Designer)
  • Birgitte Nisbeth (Costume Designer)
  • Sofie Christensen (Assistant Director)
  • Tine Louise Kortermand (Concept)
  • Daniel Carlsson (Vocal)
  • Taneli Törmä (Dancer)
  • Tine Louise Kortermand (Performer)
  • Jens Hansen (Belysningsmester)
  • Jesper Pedersen (Lydtekniker)
  • Tine Louise Kortermand (Playwright)
    Aku Raski og Tine Louise Kortermand (Composer)


Frederiksberg Allé 102
1820 Frederiksberg C