Next day



In CAMPO’s Next day, director Philippe Quesne will catapult us into another world, where ordinary everyday actions take place as extreme situations. Twelve kids, between10 – 13 years old, are the object of a human microcosm with uncertain boundaries, mixing dream and reality, music and languages, loneliness and the group. Twelve small individuals all to a certain degree dancers, artists and musicians, form a bizarre community. Are they abandoned and lost?

Today they are innocent and carefree, but who will they become in the society we are preparing them for? Alternatively, as they themselves propose, we can consider them as trainee-superheroes gathered in an institute to save the world.
The play is performed in Flemish with English subtitles.

“Together with the children, the French director Quesne conjures up a small, isolated community in which the most wonderful – and most fragile – ideas blossom from the most basic of raw materials.”
De Morgen, 04-06-14

”This is certainly not your usual theatre experience. Sometimes it has the quality of watching your own kids in a nativity play, but there is also a chilling other level happening here.”
British Theatre Guide, 26-06-14



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  • Phillippe Quesne (Director)
  • Sven Delbaer (Actor)
  • Tijl De Bleecker (Actor)
  • Mona De Broe (Actor)
  • Flo Pauwels (Actor)
  • Jaco Win Mei Van Robays (Actor)
  • Lisa Gythiel (Actor)
  • Marthe Bollaert (Actor)
  • Ona-Lisa Van Haver (Actor)
  • Lizzi Van de Vyver (Actor)
  • Sien Tillmans (Actor)
  • Lars Nevejans (Actor)
  • Fons Dhaenens (Actor)
  • Phillipe Quesne (Playwright)