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-visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep hello!earth


Metropolis - Københavns Internationale Teater


Why: If you have fourteen hours for a theatrical odyssey now’s your chance: THE NIGHT is an exceptional piece of experience art that delivers a serious challenge to the usual theatrical forms. Sensually powerful, physically strange, refreshingly surprising theatre that you’ll never forget. A previous production took place in Uganda Wood, Amager. This time the setting is urban spaces and buildings teeming with life by day, such as the Town Hall, Børsen or a badminton club, and you’ll be sleeping out with thirty other participants. If theatre speaks to your inquiring mind and you’ve got the gust to experience it wit your own body, THE NIGHT is a great place to start.


To support a post-capitalist visioning process, 30 of us embark on a journey, where the simple beauty of surrendering into the unknown and inhabiting the night together becomes a platform to re-do the economy of meeting and exchanging. A collective exploration of the power of sleeping and dreaming with the night as our companion.

The sleeping space is established at different locations where society is organised at daytime, transforming them into playful, magic visioning grounds at night.

Bring sleeping bag and toothbrush. There are mattresses and sheets for all plus a light evening meal and breakfast in the morning.

Meeting place announced after you buy your ticket.

This event is in english

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  • Vera Maeder (Concept)
  • Jacob Langaa-Sennek (Concept)
  • Jacob Langaa-Sennek (Scenographer)
  • Vera Maeder (Choreographer)
  • Emil Bøll (Sound Designer)
  • Emma Cecilia Ajanki (Performer)
  • Marga Socias (Performer)
  • Vera Maeder (Performer)
  • Jacob Langaa-Sennek (Performer)
  • Rikke Baes-Carlsen (Performance Lead)
  • Jon Gelting (Technician)


Ukendt spillested, København
Ukendt ?
1260 København K