No Sex

- a world of gender Black Box Theatre


On display in a clinically white box are 4 bodies – 4 creatures – 4 people – 4 individuals. In this box, they take on a journey through a series of scenarios where they exaggerate, exhibit, and fight against confirmative and non-confirmative notions of gender and sexuality. They are both alone and all united at the same time. Confused and in and out of love.
In a cocktail of razor sharp precision, tender caresses and whirlwind humor “NO SEX – A World of Gender” looks at both the individual’s own as well as society’s expectations of gender and sexuality, leaving the audience both entertained and reflective.

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  • Åsa Gjersted (Costume Designer)
  • Eirik Lie Hegre (Lighting Designer)
  • David Price (Assistant Director)
  • Black Box Dance Comnpany (Dancer)
  • Christian Tronhjem (Composer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV