One One One

Det Kongelige Teater


Two dancers and two chairs. This is the setting in Ioannis Mandafounis’ piece ”One One One”. Two members of the audience are invited to have a seat and will experience a unique performance especially made for them.

Ioannis Mandafounis has developed an improvised format, where the dance reflects the human being on the chair. By translating the audiences’ feelings and reactions into movements, Corpus’ dancers present a powerful and awakening experience. The physical and mental engagement with the audience creates an extraordinary intimacy. None of the performances will be the same, every dance is distinct from the other.


  • Zoé Bernabéu (Dancer)
  • Marco Herløv Høst (Dancer)
  • Nastia Ivanova (Dancer)
  • Hazuki Kojima (Dancer)
  • Pierre Piton (Dancer)
  • Alexander Stæger (Dancer)