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PLANCK is a great show in a tiny circus tent. Two quirky artists and a musician will guide you through a kaleidoscopic journey to another dimension.
In a ”Twin Peaksque” mix of rock n´ roll, black humor and death-defying stunts objects come alive, confused magicians appear out of nowhere, and people fly through the air.
In the absurd microcosmos of PLANCK, you will be so close to the artists that you only need to reach out to touch them.
The performance is set in a custom made circus tent, that can be build up indoors as well as outdoors. We bring all technical equipment.


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  • Troels Hagen Findsen (Director)
  • Sigurdur Oli Palmason (Scenographer)
  • Jonatan Winbo (Lighting Designer)
  • Rune Vadstrøm Andersen (Artist)
  • Gry Lambertsen (Artist)
  • Camilla Bang (Musician)
  • Camilla Lind (Costume Designer)
  • Mads Find (Scenebygger)
  • Camilla Bang (Composer)


Slusens Bådbyggeri
Ved Slusen 34
2300 København S