Joana Tischkau


PLAYBLACK is a fast-paced musical montage investigating the role of black entertainers in the white-dominated entertainment industry. 
The piece takes us deep into the memories and projections on those Afro-American and black-European cultural entertainment productions that we grew up to love.
PLAYBLACK is a bittersweet farewell to white universalism and abstraction and invites you to dwell to the often uncomfortable yet captivating debates around issues of identity politics, race and representation.   
Sit back – it’s show time baby.

The play is curated by TOASTER.

This event is in english


  • Clara Reiner (Choreographer)
  • Joana Tischkau (Choreographer)
  • Jan Gehmlich (Sound Designer)
  • Clara Reiner (Concept)
  • Joana Tischkau (Concept)
  • Ina Trenk (Costume Designer)
  • Dennis Dieter Kopp (Lighting Designer)

All play times

  • Friday 10th June 8.00pm
  • Saturday 11th June 5.00pm


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V