Post No Bills

Festival of independent Performing Arts Kitt Johnson X-act


Choreographer and dancer Kitt Johnson has created yet another challenging, thought-provoking solo performance.
POST NO BILLS is a radical call to view crisis as a creative power of transformation; as an opportunity to constructively rethink our existence. In the words of the choreographer, it is “a performance that edges its way in where composure is irrevocably lost and the new and unknown barely glimpsed. Right there, we meet the broken and disillusioned human with empty hands. Sent back to square one and free to re-invent the beginning.”
POST NO BILLS has been described as ’a masterpiece within the crisis art of recent years’ (Politiken) and already brought Kitt Johnson several awards.

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  • Kitt Johnson (Choreographer)
  • Mogens Kjempff (Lighting Designer)
  • Sture Ericson (Sound Designer)
  • Kitt Johnson (Dancer)


Bohrsgade 19
1799 København