Punch line

An musical dance experiment, where Muay Thai boxing and dance meet rap Wilma Version


Københavns Musikteater


The audience is invited into the Muay Thai Boxing Club, where young talents in
the field of Muay Thai boxing, dance and rap have gathered to create a new joint expression.

While the boxers and dancers investigate and challenge the boundaries between martial arts and dance, the words battle the rhythms. Beats of words blend with punches and kicks and merge into a larger sound composition created by an electronic composer.

Punch Line is a music theatre experiment where young performers and artists meet as equals and regardless of age, gender, cultural interests and backgrounds kick their way into the public debate. ( 25 min.)



This event is in english

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  • Helle Fuglsang (Director)
  • Per Buhl Acs (Sound Designer)
  • Mads Hørbye (Other)
  • Sosha Teperowska (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Omar Snounou (Performer)
  • Taysir Mlitat (Vocal)
  • Malika Sia Graff (Vocal)
  • Adam Yoqoubi (Dancer)
  • Ponija Dumo (Dancer)
  • Alex Eliasen (Dancer)
  • Siri Astrup (Dancer)
  • Iman Sahmi (Performer)
  • Ammar Maarouf (Performer)
  • Bilal Chahidi (Performer)
  • Sabrin Samhi (Performer)
  • Per Buhl Acs (Tonemester)
  • Helle Fuglsang ( dramatiker ) (Playwright)
    Per Buhl Acs ( komponist ) i samarbejde med de medvirkende rappere. (Composer)


Cph. Muay Thai Bokseklub
Ragnhildgade 1
2100 København Ø