Raiders of the Grey Gold

The dream of old age and the fear of reaching it Don Gnu


Holbæk Teater


‘Life is fleeting’ and DON GNU senses the increasing pace and the decay of time, which constantly slaps them around. And while the soundtrack of life has taught the aging limbs plenty of forbidden steps, gravity is catching up with them – so hard and relentlessly they stumble and lose their otherwise elegant footing.

In a battle against time, they throw themselves into a blazing acrobatic quest for “‘the grey gold’ and to find the beauty of the decay of time.

Daredevil antics, musical poetry and humorous self-realization is the foundation of this tragicomical struggle against the bittersweet old age!

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  • Jannik Elkær (Choreographer)
  • Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen (Choreographer)
  • Christoffer Brekne (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Christoffer Brekne (Video Designer)
  • Alice Carreri (Kapelmester)
  • Petras Lisauskas (Choreographer)
  • Jannik Elkær (Performer)
  • Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen (Performer)
  • Petras Lisauskas (Performer)
  • Alice Carreri (Musician)
  • Nicolai/Simon Kornerup/Eriksen (Musician)
  • Jakob Thau (Teknikerelev)
  • DON GNU (Playwright)
    Alice Carreri (Composer)


Frederiksberg Allé 102
1820 Frederiksberg C