Reumert Salon

Body to word and word to body CPH STAGE


As a prelude to the award ceremony, three of the year’s rally-nominated artists gather together for a talk about artistic explosive power in a Reumert Salon.

Actor Morten Burian, actor Paw Henriksen and dramatist Line Mørkeby meet in a Reumertsalon for a conversation about art and human in art, where body becomes word and word to body. All of these artistic achievements require strong formality, an ability to enter into a mental complexity and on stage a physical ability resembling survival.

Look forward to a meeting with some of the strongest artists in Danish performing arts right now.


  • Morten Burian (Actor)
  • Line Mørkeby (Actor)
  • Paw Henriksen (Actor)
  • Tore Leifer (Contributer)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V