Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue

Jødisk Kulturfestival v/Det Jødiske Samfund i Danmark


Working out of Vienna, Austria „Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue“ presents soulful, sassy and swinging Jewish music. Jewish American performer Deborah “Scheiny” Gzesh and band incorporate the personal brainchild of Deborah „Scheiny“ Gzesh’s ruminations on Jewish identity and diaspora experience. A lively, ideal vehicle, accentuating upbeat and positive Jewish music and culture, past and present, which in no way ignores the very tragic and troubled history of her forefathers and mothers in Eastern Europe.

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  • n Gzesh (Actor)

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  • Thursday 02nd June 6.00pm


Det Jødiske Hus
Krystalgade 12
1172 København K