Sex in situ

Teater Nordkraft


Our sexuality develops through our social life and is part of it. Except for porn, with all it’s economic interests, we don’t have access to images of others or even ourselves having sex. We hardly have the language to describe our sexuality.
Discussing one night stands, love, family, affairs, we tend to forget that sex is basically a practice developed by each of us over time in contact with other people.
It’s unique to each of us and something we all have in common. Wouldn’t we like to exchange?

This event is in english


  • Emma Kørnøv Bonde (Assistant Director)
  • Turpin Djurhuus (Lighting Designer)
  • Niels Valentin (Sound Designer)
  • Jakob Højgaard Jørgensen (Idea)
  • Martyna Miller (Idea)
  • Chris Nieft Hansen (Technician)
  • Jakob Højgaard Jørgensen (Performer)
  • Martyna Miller (Performer)
  • Marie Egetoft (Production Lead)
  • Berith Ann Christensen (Costume Designer)
  • Theresa Breitenstein (Regissør)
  • John Nyby Larsen (Scenebygger)


Staldgade 26-30
1699 København V