When Society Breaks

Voices from the cracks about divisions in Denmark C:NTACT


A documentary performance, where a group of youths share the experiences with different forms of polarization in our time: between rich and poor, the elite and the people – and marginalized groups.

C:NTACT develops the performance along with the cast, who have distinct attitudes towards Danish society. Some of them have had troubles when dealing with the system. Some feel excluded from their communities. Some feel overlooked in the public discourse in society.

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  • Elmir Ferhatovic (Choreographer)
  • Babak Vakili (Director)
  • Kirstine Rønnov Due (Dramaturg)
  • Maya Kareis Livingstone (Assistant Director)
  • Henrik Hartmann (Idea)
  • De medvirkende (Fortæller)
  • De medvirkende (Fortæller)
  • Naghmeh Mahmoudi Kashani (Production Lead)
  • De medvirkende (Playwright)