Solo For Seven



In a society where trends and lifestyles originally start out as being unique, end up as ordinary, normal and almost impossible not to follow. When one’s choice of who to be, how to behave, what to wear will inevitably mark one as either belonging to the masse or simply not being part of it.

Solo for Seven questions conformity, the act of matching attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to group norms, but at the same time it also questions the act of sanding out, refusing to follow opinions, desires etc., of the majority. It acknowledges the existence of both situations but without imposing a solution for specific direction.


  • Gunilla Lind (Concept)
  • Gunilla Lind (Choreographer)
  • Gunilla Lind (Costume Designer)
  • Ultra-lounge (Sound Designer)
  • Shuli Nordbek Azoulay (Dancer)
  • Josefine Ibsen (Dancer)
  • Markella Stamouli (Dancer)
  • Anna-Olivia Christesen (Dancer)
  • Katrina Holm (Dancer)
  • Katrien Van Der Velden (Dancer)
  • Esther Haugegaard (Dancer)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K