Somatography is a performance taking place between the real and the imagined, thinking about and embodying propositions for a (future) public space. Taking its title from the Greek word ‘soma’, meaning body, and ’graphie’ meaning to write, to draw, the performance invites its audiences to a shared experience of writing and re-writing the public space of Sønder Boulevard by means of dance and choreography. This will be done with the help of a map – a tool that shows a specific version of the world – by which the participant is invited to navigate through a moulded reality of public space. Note: The performances will take place outdoor. More info soon on time, meeting point and tickets.

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  • Kalliopi Siganou (Choreographer)
  • Karin Bergman (Choreographer)
  • Antonia Dorbić (Choreographer)
  • Nina Gojić (Dramaturg)
  • Dora Đurkesac (Illustrator)
  • Gianluca Elia (Sound Designer)
  • Karin Bergman (Performer)
  • Antonia Dorbić (Performer)

All play times

  • Tuesday 07th June 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 08th June 6.00pm
  • Thursday 09th June 4.00pm


Sønder Boulevard
Sønder boulevard 62
1720 København V