Based on a novel by Erlend Loe Husets Teater


Nina Faber is a failed poet who have never had neither the praise nor the literary awards she thinks she deserves. After many years away from writing Nina returns, and with a hopeful prospect of a late comeback, she’s greeted by a slaughtering of the book by the reviewers. To top it, Nina’s poetry reading in a bookstore are suddenly canceled due to the store’s inventory. Nina sees red and seeks revenge!

STATUS is based on a novel by Erlend Loe and is the story of how an aging female poet takes on radically methods facing a contemporary contempt of art. STATUS discusses art’s position in and balances with the world with a mixture of deep seriousness and high humor.

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  • Jens Albinus (Director)
  • Rikke Juellund (Scenographer)
  • Tammi Øst (Actor)
  • Morten Burian (Actor)
  • Jens Albinus efter roman af Erlend Loe (Playwright)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V