Stop Being Poor

Festival of independent Performing Arts by Proxy


Stop Being Poor depicts a collective anxiety, which is being kept a public secret, that continuously punishes the individual in the capitalistic circle of life: Work – Consume – Die.
Only the most supreme efforts are valued, and yet one must smile, think positively and prove that everything is under control. Open office environments with lots of windows, fresh gourmet coffee, chill-out zones, unlimited vacation and twinkling bosses, contrast the underlying tension of surveillance, insecurity, exposure, disciplin, subtle punishment and demand for innovation.

The group was awarded Best Performance in Körber Studie Junge Regie 15 at Thalia Theater Hamburg.

This event is in english

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  • Ylva Owren (Scenographer)
  • Matias Askvik (Scenographer)
  • Anders Firing Aardal (Performer)
  • Matias Askvik (Performer)
  • Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide (Performer)
  • David Jensen (Performer)
  • Heiki Riipinen (Performer)
  • Ylva Owren (Performer)


Bohrsgade 19
1799 København