Tales From The Trash

A performance about endings, crises and new beginnings. Teater Viva


A work in progress theatre performance with stories, texts, songs, sounds and physical images , which takes departure in stories and places from Olafsfjordur, Modern Civilization and the old Norse Edda poem Völuspá; the prophecy of the Seeress. Talking through the old woman in the trash, who sings within the the Circle of Time; giving voice to Past, Present and Future. A surprising montage about changes and crises, endings and new beginnings.

Developed in Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.

We kindly ask the audience to meet out in Magneten, William Wains Gade 18, accessible by both bike and car. Parking is free and easy.

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  • Aksel Striim (Sound Designer)
  • Katrine Faber (Actor)
  • Katrine Faber (Playwright)
    Katrine Faber (Composer)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K