Teater O


Black Box Theatre


TANGO – a tale of a Danish expat’s incredible fate. A man tries to get the pieces of his family history to fall into place. Who was his great-grandfather? Why does the family never talk about him? And what really happened when he disappeared in Argentina?

Tango is a story of a man who, while clearing out his grandmother’s attic, stumbles upon the familys deepest secrets and why no one ever dances in his family. It’s a story about choosing yourself and follow your passion. A melodic story about daring to be yourself told by an Argentinian guitarist and a Danish actor and about a great-grandfather that you could probably learn something from. If you dared to.

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  • Asta Kamma August (Director)
  • Carsten Wittrock (Scenographer)
  • Lars Dammark (Actor)
  • Alejandro Sancho (Musician)
  • Ole Funch (Teaterbygger)
  • Lars Dammark (Playwright)


Teater V i Prøvehallen
Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby