The BeatRoots



The country comedy »The BeatRoots« portrays a tragic time in which our communities are dissolving as they are challenged by the individualism that defines our time. It is a story that ranges from a crisis between two brothers to the global political crises.

»The BeatRoots« is both a country concert and a theater performance. From the theater form, we use the captivating story, the recognizable characters, and the societally relevant theme while from the concert form, we steal the music, the passion and wildness, and the engagement of the audience.


  • Pelle Nordhøj Kann (Director)
  • Sir Grand Lear (Scenographer)
  • Rolf Hansen (Actor)
  • Jacob Teglgaard (Actor)
  • Marie Louise von Bülow (Musician)
  • Christine Worre Kann (Musician)
  • Line Mørkeby (Playwright)
    Marie Louise von Bülow (Composer)


Karens Minde Kulturhus
Wagnersvej 19
2450 København SV