The Blind Poet



Det Kongelige Teater

Curated by Kirsten Dehlholm, Artistic director at Hotel Pro Forma:

”Energetic, fun, cheeky, flippant and catchy. ’The Blind Poet’ is an original bet on a performance, that will make performance theatre, acting, dance, music and storytelling to unite at a higher level”


THE BLIND POET is the latest play by Jan Lauwers, in close cooperation with the composer Maarten Seghers. Jan Lauwers starts out from the performers’ family trees and is writing a new story based on their various nationalities, cultures and languages. He goes back a thousand years to ponder the notion of identity in today’s multicultural Europe. Lauwers quotes the work of Abu al ‘ala al Ma’arri, a blind Arab poet who spanned the 10th and 11th centuries, and Wallada bint al Mustakfi, an Andalusian poet from the 11th century.

The performance is in Dutch, English, French, Arabic, Norwegian and Tunesian and is subtitled in English and Danish.

This event is in english

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  • Jan Lauwers (Director)
  • Elke Janssens (Assistant Director)
  • Grace Ellen Barkey (Choreographer)
  • Grace Ellen Barkey (Contributer)
  • Jules Beckman (Contributer)
  • Anna Sophia Bonnema (Contributer)
  • Hans Petter Melø Dahl (Contributer)
  • Benoît Gob (Contributer)
  • Mohamed Toukabri (Contributer)
  • Maarten Seghers (Contributer)
  • Lot Lemm (Costume Designer)
  • Marjolein Demey (Produktionschef)
  • Marjolein Demey (Technician)
  • Gwen Laroche (Technician)
  • Ditten Lerooij (Technician)
  • Jan Lauwers (Playwright)
    Maarten Seghers (Composer)