The City

Odense Teater


Why: Award-winning Claes Bang plays the lead in prominent contemporary dramatist Martin Crimp’s prize-winning drama BYEN, about everyday life and its disintegration in a caustic chamber drama in the shape of a nightmarish psycho thriller full of comedy. Claes Bang plays opposite Natalí Vallespir Sand, who delivers a formidable performance. This is theatre where the words really count and the multiple layers of the plot are twisted in a sophisticated game as Claes Bang demonstrates yet again why he is in a class of his own.


A city. A house. A couple.
She wants to be kissed – but not right now – and certainly not by her husband. He is considering celebrating his new job by driving the car against traffic. The neighbour complains about the couple’s screaming children – but outside, the garden lies deserted, and the key to the children’s locked bedroom has suddenly disappeared. What is going on? And who controls the plot in this seemingly contradictory story?
‘THE CITY’ is a nightmarish and funny psycho-thriller by one of the most powerful voices in European theatre.

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  • Peter Dupont Weiss (Director)
  • Mie Riis (Scenographer)
  • Natalí Vallespir Sand (Actor)
  • Claes Bang (Actor)
  • Louise Davidsen (Actor)
  • AF MARTIN CRIMP (Playwright)


Teater V i Prøvehallen
Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby