Performative gardenwalks Wunschmachine


A sensoric audio and performance walk about the garden, its cultural history and significance for us humans.
With headphones on and to the sound of garden owners and professionals’ voices, the audience is guided away between perennial beds and flowers. The stories mix with sensuous compositions of real sounds from the garden space. Two performers move in and out between flower monologues, gardening choreographies and sensuous interactions with the audience.
THE GARDEN examines professionally, poetically and sensually our relationship with nature through time and today.

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  • Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Concept)
  • Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Director)
  • Alaya Riefensthal (Medinstruktør)
  • Mette Obling Høeg (Dramaturg)
  • Sofie Christiansen (Choreographer)
  • Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Sound Designer)
  • Nini Jula Bang (Musikalsk arrangør)
  • Sara Troense (Production Assistant)
  • Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Performer)
  • Alaya Riefensthal (Performer)
  • Betina Birkjær (Playwright)
    Niels Bjerg & Morten Moesgaard (Composer)

All play times

  • Friday 10th June 4.00pm
  • Friday 10th June 6.00pm
  • Saturday 11th June 11.00am
  • Saturday 11th June 1.00pm


Haveselskabets Have (ved Frederiksberg Runddel)
Frederiksberg Rundel 1
2000 Frederiksberg