The Great Scene Change

Festival of independent Performing Arts LiminalDK


Imagine a show where no one ever comes on stage.
A show where only the theatrical mechanics are at play: light, sound, music, smoke machines, props and set design. No actors, dancers or singers ever make their entrance.
In front of the stage the two performers Daniel Norback and Erik Pold has taken their positions. As “invisible” black clad scene stage managers they transform and comment on the actions imagined on stage.
The theater becomes a laboratory in which the performers control time and space – or do they? Where existential, political and questions perhaps a little too personal are being put to the test.

Norback and Pold were also behind the awarded show “Teheran mon amour”.

This event is in english

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  • Daniel Norback (Director)
  • Erik Pold (Director)
  • Seimi Nørregaard (Scenographer)
  • Julia Machindano (Other)
  • Daniel Norback (Performer)
  • Erik Pold (Performer)
  • Daniel Norback og Erik Pold (Playwright)


Bohrsgade 19
1799 København