The Shared Individual

A live virtual reality-performance Makropol


Bombina Bombast


Virtual reality is the ultimate freedom. You are no longer in need of a physical presence, your body can be what your mind desires, and you can travel to any location in the world, all just with a simple click of your index finger. By being released of the burden of our own individuality, we finally have the chance to evolve as a human kind, and enter the promised land, the imagined reality, as The Shared Individual.

The Shared Individual is a virtual reality performance, in which a large audience will be tele-transported, through the use of VR, into the perspective of one person on stage, live.

In The Shared Individual we combine film, live performance and cutting edge technology.

This event is in english

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  • Johan Knattrup Jensen (Director)
  • Stefan Stanišic (Director)
  • Emma Bexell (Performer)
  • Johan Knattrup Jensen (Performer)
  • Stefan Stanišic (Contributer)
  • Stefan Stanišic (Teknisk chef)
  • Johan Knattrup Jensen, Emma Bexell (Playwright)