The Story of the Eye



Odense Teater


The smell of urine, blood, sex and anxiety. A young couple driven through erotic curiosity beyond the dissolution of the individual, in order to achieve the ultimate ecstasy. All moral ceases and only the senses remains!

“The Story of the eye” is being dissected by the collective LOGEN, who offers their audience a raw blend of improvisational performance, art-installation and visually sensuous theater. A dynamic experiment of storytelling, that is compelling, intense and obscure.

An evening in LOGEN are never the same, it is fleeting, delicate and brutal.

LOGEN are: Sofia Karlsson, Nathalie Mellbye, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Anja Behrens, Patrick Baurichter


  • Sofia Karlsson (Choreographer)
  • Anja Behrens (Director)
  • Nathalie Mellbye (Scenographer)
  • Nathalie Mellbye (Lighting Designer)
  • Sofia Karlsson (Performer)
  • SØS Gunver Ryberg (Performer)
  • Anja Behrens (Performer)
  • Patrick Baurichter (Performer)
  • Nathalie Mellbye (Performer)
  • SØS Gunver Ryberg (Composer)