The Voice of the Audience in the cinema

Screening of concerts and documentary Forsøgsstationen


Go to the cinema to watch the journey of the Lab Station in the project THE VOICE OF THE AUDIENCE. Screening of both the original piece in 2017at The Royal Theatre and remake in Italy in 2018.

We wish to share this amasing project to as broad an audience as possible especially now as we have added Turin to the catalogue. We thus once again introduce CAMERA as a cinema for the Open Doors during CPH STAGE. This year we are screening the two full concerts and the respective documentaries. They will be shown as one and invite you into the cinematic darkness for 1+ hour of entertainment.

We have three shows per day at 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm. Limited seating.
The films have English subtitles.

This event is in english

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Sønder Boulevard 81
1720 København V