Veitslan alias Festen

Betty Nansen Teatret


VEITSLAN is a Nordic stage version of Thomas Vinterberg’s award winning movie The Celebration. This version goes by Faroese rules!
Helge celebrates his 65 years’ birthday. Friends and family are gathered, and Helge’s eldest son, Christian, gives him the choice between a yellow and a green speech. Helge picks the green one, upon which Christian holds his speech in which he reveals the family’s darkest secret. As children, Christian and his late sister Linda were abused by Helge.
What are the guests to believe? Is Christian lying? Is he mentally ill?
The party turns into a struggle of life, death, and the truth.


  • Marita S. Dalsgaard (Director)
  • Tormod Lindgren (Scenographer)
  • Joachim Holbek (Sound Designer)
  • Hilmar Joensen (Actor)
  • Rasmus Lyberth (Actor)
  • Aðalbjørg Árnadóttir (Actor)
  • Gunvor Reynberg (Actor)
  • Hjálmar Dam (Actor)
  • Hannes Óli Ágústsson (Actor)
  • Beinta Clothier (Actor)
  • Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen (Actor)
  • Barbara K. Andreasen (Actor)
  • Johanna Roos Slættanes (Actor)
  • Sonne Smith (Actor)
  • Karin Djurhuus (Actor)
  • Allan Dalsgarð (Actor)
  • Jógvan Salomon Joensen (Actor)
  • Gunnvør Joensen (Actor)
  • Thomas Vinterberg og Mogens Rukov bearbejdet til scenen Bo hr. Hansen (Playwright)
    Joachim Holbek (Composer)


Betty Nansen Teatret
Frederiksberg Allé 57
1820 Frederiksberg C