Walking Lecture on Ants

Performing art meets science Secret Hotel


Get to grips with your inner insect and join a walk with your nose close to the ground. What are the social structures of the ants, how are their brains wired, and how does their world sound and smell?
The performing artists, Christine Fentz and Betina Birkjær has together with ant researcher Hans Joachim Offenberg, brain scientist & anthropologist, Andreas Roepstorff and sound artist & chemist Maiken Vibe Bauer created a ‘walking lecture’ about one of the smallest and oldest creatures on this planet – the ant.
Wandering, sensory experiences, lecture elements, soundscapes and food samples are all part of this ant experience, which was totally sold-out during Aarhus 2017.

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  • Christine Fentz (Director)
  • Betina Birkjær (Scenographer)
  • Mette Aakjær (Consultant)
  • (Director)
  • Thomas Rosendal (Other)
  • Christine Fentz (Performer)
  • Betina Birkjær (Performer)
  • Hans Joachim Offenberg (Contributer)
  • Andreas Roepstorff (Contributer)
  • Maiken Vibe Bauer (Musician)
  • Maiken Vibe Bauer (Composer)


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Stockholmsgade 47
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