War’s unwomanly face

Marcello Bosschar Theater group


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“We were silent, we didn’t speak a word. Nobody said we had been at the front […] The men were victorious, heroes, attractive husbands, the war belonged to them, but people looked quite differently at us. Totally different … We got deprived of the victory. Quietly, the sense of victory was replaced by an ordinary female happiness. They didn’t share the victory with us. And it was degrading … incomprehensible … ”

This play was received with great aclaim in Brazil. Bosschar turned a masterpice of jornalistic literary work into a strong and unforgetable living experience which goes beyond the spoken words.


  • Marcello Bosschar (Director)
  • Marcello Bosschar (Concept)
  • Carolyna Aguiar (Actor)
  • 8 Tempos (Produktionschef)
  • Adapted by the director and actresses, from Svetlana Aleksievitch's book (Playwright)


Instituto Italiano Di Cultura
Gjørlingsvej 11
2900 Hellerup