We Who Live Backwards



Osynliga Teatern

Why? “Marwan Arkawi fled from Syria to Sweden. He uses virtual reality to invite us to join him on the journey he undertook. The use of VR on stage is absolutely fascinating and becoming more and more frequent. We cannot wait to see how VR technology expands the theatrical experience and gives the audience a unique opportunity to physically feel the story.”


Like thousands of other fugitives, Marwan Arkawi fled from Syria to Sweden where he ended up seeking asylum. But Arkawi resists being just ‘another refugee’ – he insists on being an individual. In WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS, Marwan Arkawi takes us on a journey to discover life as a refugee as it is, helped by VR-glasses and headphones.

WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS digs deeper to show, what it implies on a personal level for a human being to flee. WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS is a cooperation between Den Osynliga Teatern and Dramaten in Stockholm. Supported by Kulturkontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm Municipality and the Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen..

This event is in english

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  • Tomas Rajnai (Director)
  • Jens Nielsen (Director)
  • Tomas Rajnai (Sound Designer)
  • Jens Nielsen (Sound Designer)
  • Annika Tosti (Costume Designer)
  • Annika Tosti (Scenographer)
  • Joanna Dahlgren (Other)
  • Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson (Other)
  • Jo Rideout (Other)
  • Leon Martinsen (Other)
  • Christoffer Höring (Other)
  • Richard Ahlbäck (Video Designer)
  • THE L_NE (Video Designer)
  • Johan Holm (Other)
  • Marwan Arkawi (Contributer)
  • Annika Tosti (Costume Designer)
  • Marwan Arkawi, Tomas Rajnai, Jens Nielsen (Playwright)


Staldgade 26-30
1699 København V