What Was Must Die – Samba

Welcome to the blood-red arena Uppercut Danseteater

Selected as one of the highlights of CPH STAGE 2021.


Welcome to the blood-red imagination of the porker! A samba arena, a show ring, a hotbed, a pigsty.

A circus of festivities, fellowships, secrets and seduction.

SAMBA is raw. SAMBA is urban. SAMBA pulsates. SAMBA is sensual. SAMBA is dastardly deeds and connectedness. SAMBA is everything that arises in the space between us. SAMBA gets under our skin, behind our masks, into the ring; it embodies and makes space for everything we are. Nothing is clear-cut: not the cutest piglet or the hunkiest boar.

With our snouts in the trough and our tails in the air we will grub deep into the mire and hurl ourselves into the human fellowship with its misunderstandings, compromises and balancing acts.

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  • Stephanie Thomasen (Choreographer)
  • Johan Kølkjær (Scenographer)
  • Peter Bodholdt Løkke (Lighting Designer)
  • Alexander Skjold Henriksen (Musician)
  • Alessandro Sousa Pereira (Dancer)
  • Linn Fletcher (Dancer)
  • Mark Philip (Dancer)
  • Stephanie Thomasen (Dancer)
  • Alexander Skjold Henriksen (Composer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV