Whole in The Head



“Whole in the Head” brings memory to life on-stage, embodying the mental building blocks that make us who we are. Julia and Hugh are a couple in love. Hugh is older and has been married before, giving his adult son Daniel some meaty bones to pick at about the shifting family. While Julia is a devoted young woman who has found the love of her life. And then Hugh gets a diagnosis. Built upon an interpretation of Alzheimer’s inner workings the play captures the moment where a whole life can slip through one’s hands. How do we stay true, how do we even find reality, when the choices one makes can be rewritten every second?

This event is in english


  • Michael Wighton (Director)
  • Leah Serinsky (Assistant Director)
  • Jens Blegaa (Actor)
  • Casper Hamalainen (Actor)
  • Johanne Wang-Holm (Actor)
  • Johanne Wang-Holm (Playwright)


A Touch of Vintage
Badstuestræde 12
1209 København K