Writing for the Collective Body

Writers Colective


We are a drama collective working to challenge the classical idea of the playwright as soloartist. Within 24 hours, we lock ourselves up at Teaterøen in The White Anneks, to write a new piece. We work with a principle of actualisation and choose the headline for the piece only just before we start off. A random app controls who writes what when. The ones who don’t write, read a loud from law books, poems or news that relate to our unwritten manuscript. The audience is welcome to join us in our writing exile and eat a morning croissant and have a glas of wine later on and talk to us. The following day, we will put the text on stage, with 30 actors on stage and premiere that evening.


  • Anna Malzer (Director)
  • Lise Marie Birch (Scenographer)
  • (Contributer)
  • Sonja Ferdinand, Rasmus Krone, Anna Skov, Mathias Ravn, Anna Malzer, Marie Bjørn og Nanna Tychsen (Playwright)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K