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About Centaur

In Centaur, Pontus Lidberg explores what happens when dancers encounter a newly developed artificial intelligence program. Does technology change us, or simply reflect who we’ve always been? Centaur is developed in collaboration with AI-artist Cecilie Waagner-Falkenstrøm and Ryoji Ikeda, Japan’s leading audio-visual artist.

International ambitions

Danish Dance Theatre is looking for co-production partners for the production as well as programmers of the finished work. Additionally, and more urgently than ever, we are looking to create a virtual performance version of the project, to be able to share it on other platforms than the traditional stage.

About Danish Dance Theatre

Danish Dance Theatre is a major contemporary dance company in Denmark. The project involves artists from multiple disciplines. Choreographed/directed by Pontus Lidberg, interactive Artificial Intelligence installation by Cecilie Waagner-Falkenstrøm and audio/video design by Japan’s leading audio/visual artist Ryoji Ikeda.


Pontus Lidberg
Choreographer and Artistic Director

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