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About Ocean of our motion

Ocean of Our Motion deals with the sensation of getting lost in chaos, silence and oneself within a group. Through organic language the work introduces a world where the viewer is emerged in atmospheres. Layers of images, rhythm and physicality drive a continuous flow aspiring a reflective state.

International ambitions

DeLeónCompany is interested in creating international collaborations and co-productions for future work. Simultaneously discover venues for performances in the current repertoire. DeLeónCompany also has a consecutive wish to become an in-house company at an established platform for performing arts.

About DeLeónCompany

DeLeónCompany is a Copenhagen based contemporary dance company founded in 2016. The artistic direction consists of Jens Schyth Brøndum and Stina Strange Thue. The works of the company present the body in an always moving, dynamic form inviting the audience into collected, poetic universes.


Stina Strange Thue
Artistic producer and dancer

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