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HOOKED is a performance about the anatomy of addiction. In a hybrid of dance, ritual and performance art, HOOKED unfolds as a neon-flashing amusement park filled with wild, tempting experiences. We invite the audience on a roaring roller-coaster ride that alternates between pleasure and fear, bliss and withdrawal, the highest kick and the deepest tragedy. HOOKED is a wake-up call that challenges traditional theatre, explores new performative spaces and alternative ways of communicating complex and socially relevant issues (premiere 2021).

What we’re looking for

We are looking for collaborations, touring opportunities, co-productions and opportunities for artist-in-residencies.

About Kassandra Production

Kassandra Production/Annika B. Lewis creates topical and relevant contemporary performing arts in the intersection of dance, theatre and performance art. She challenges theatre concepts and creates work characterised by a strong conceptual and visual outcome, mixing the trivial with the philosophical. Her work is signified by skewed and humorous angles, in a boundary-defying and innovative artistic expression. Lewis explores new performative spaces, places and concepts. In addition to traditional theatre venues, her performances have been staged at private apartments, caravans, fairs, abandoned factories, clubs, in the media and on the Internet.


Annika B. Lewis
Artistic leader and performance artist

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