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About ROOM 4.1 LIVE

ROOM 4.1 LIVE is an immersive total theatre experience that emanates from our dark and humorous web series ROOM 4.1. In a big scenography that turns 360° we cultivate situations rather than long storylines. The audience gets close to the quirky characters and will be amazed by their physical timing.

International ambitions

Our international vision is for ROOM 4.1 LIVE to keep developing in a co-production format. We bring a team of 7 from KIC and incorporate performers + technicians from the host venue. This format will be put to a test in Iceland in the fall of 2020. We are looking for additional collaborators.

About Kristján Ingimarsson Company

KIC is an award winning, world-touring physical theatre company under the artistic direction of Kristján Ingimarsson and known for it’s international smash-hit BLAM!. Characteristic of KIC’s productions is their almost limitless physical expression along with endless curiosity.


Kristján Ingimarsson
Artistic Director

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