CPH STAGE follows the development of COVID-19 and continuously takes precautions to comply with recommendations and recommendations from the authorities.

The situation is constantly changing, so it is important to stay up to date on the program page and on the individual organizer’s own website. We recommend that you sign up for the CPH STAGES newsletter, as we will inform you about changes to the program over the coming months and send out updates on any cancellations daily during the festival. This way you can avoid going in vain.

You can read here about how to behave in relation to ticket purchases and participation in events at the festival.

This page has been updated March 25, 2021.

We expect to be able to hold the festival because:

The Danish Government has presented a reopening plan with the theatres opening on 6. May. CPH STAGE’s program consists of more than 300 different events, which are held at over 50 venues over 10 days. The assembly ban for cultural events has so far been based on the individual performance or event. It is therefore the number of spectators at the individual event you participate in that is decisive in relation to the current restrictions.

The theaters and organizers have extensive experience in conducting events under corona restrictions, so it is safe and secure for both audiences and employees. All events are planned to take into account the expected guidelines.

The majority of this year’s events are held for a seated audience and some events take place outdoors.

The theaters’ staff will help the audience to ensure a good distance, both in the foyer and between the seats in the hall. As a guest, you must follow the theater’s instructions and of course keep your distance and take into account by following the general recommendations.

We keep this page updated regularly, so that you as the audience can follow the current guidelines and measures that are initiated to ensure that everyone has a good and safe experience in the theater during the festival.

Ticket sales and refunds:

The participating theaters have different rules on reimbursement in connection with cancellations and / or changes. We encourage you to check before buying a ticket whether you are guaranteed a refund in case of cancellation. You can do this by checking the theater’s website or contacting the theater that is the organizer.

Cancellation only covers that an event is not carried out at all. Exchange or refund of tickets in connection with cancellation is the responsibility of the organizer. Shipping, order and ticket fees are non-refundable. Be aware that organizers may have special procedures for canceling outdoor performances.

In the event of cancellation of events with ticket sales or registration, ticket buyers and registered by the organizer will be contacted by mail. If you have any questions about this, please contact the theater in question.

Entry into Denmark :

Access to Danish territory is currently very restricted. Various rules apply to travels to Denmark depending on how you arrive in Denmark and your ties with or your purpose of entering Denmark.
As the situation is changing rapidly, it is advisable to consult the information published by the Danish police on a very regular basis regarding access to the territory and containment measures.
See more about how to enter Denmark – vaccines, tests, how CPH STAGE can help.