News / 25. February 2020


Six Danish works have been selected from an open-call for the International Days 28 – 30 May 2020. The Jury made its choice based on the following elements:  quality of the work, contributing to a diversity in audience and genres, prospects of the production’s completion and working internationally.

The International Days constitute an international meeting place in the Nordic for professionals within the performing arts field, a Danish showcase with 6 curated shows and a Danish festival with more than 100 shows and events. Our goal is to connect internationally minded people within the performing arts – cultivating dialogue, exchanges, opportunities and collaborations.

If you want to attend, you can book the early bird ticket here until the 17th of March.

SHOWCASE – works playing at selected programme 28. – 30. May 2020

Don Gnu // WALK-MAN [Physical Theatre]

In a world where rules, norms and routines no longer apply, a pedestrian is not simply a person crossing the street and common understanding of “good behaviour” falls apart. WALK-MAN is a performance in which the ground is literally swept away from under the feet of four men walking.

DeLeon Company // OCEAN OF OUR MOTION [Dance]

Ocean of Our Motion by DeLeónCompany is a raw physical performance, which invites the audience into a universe where organic movement, sound and light melt together. Let yourself float with the stream of bodies. Bodies from the same source. Let yourself be spellbound and become one with the waving movements forward, forward, forward. Feel your body indulging in the mass and then pull away. Feel your body. You are right here. 

Gunilla Lind Danseteater // LOVEU2ND [Dance]

LOVEU2ND is a dance performance about virtual supermodels’ subtle intrusion into our world. It deals with the way that artificial intelligence and virtual bloggers affect young peoples’ identity, self image and self-esteem. What happens when we cannot trust what we see – who is real and who is imitated on the internet? 

Naja Lee Jensen // DARKNESS AND NATURE [Immersive Performance]

Darkness and Nature is an interdisciplinary, experimental performance where sound, smell, light, darkness, tactile touch and site-specificity creates an encompassing sensorial universe for the audience.

Rapid Eye // W/HOLE [Contemporary Circus]

Holes are frightening and holes are fascinating. Holes represent possibilities and some holes are completely impossible to grasp. There are so many holes that we can never hope to get to the bottom of them all.

Recoil Performance Group // AS I COLLAPSE [Immersive Performance]

as I collapse invites the audiences to engage in a collective speculation of being adopted by a bio-luminescent micro alga of the name of Pyrocystis Fusiformis, this fascinating yet very small being. A speculation on what the idea of family is – and the thought on imagining adaptation as an expansion of families beyond species.