In collaboration with the curated companies CPH STAGE developed a new format for digital showcasing in 2021. Instead of presenting the whole work – this is a new way to present an artistic essence, the artistic DNA of the work in a shorter timeframe aligned with the digital opportunities. Check out the 5 Live Digital Showcases here.

The development of the digital showcase is part of DIGITAL PRESENCE – CPH STAGE’s collaboration with The Development Platform for Performing Arts.

My Deer Hunter
FIX & FOXY // MY DEER HUNTER 03/06/21 // 13.30pm – 14.30pm

WATCH THE DIGITAL SHOWCASE – A talk about the process behind the show

HIMHERANDIT PRODUCTIONS // CHAMPIONS  01/06/21 // 21.55pm – 22.55pm

WATCH THE DIGITAL SHOWCASE – hear the honest, vulnerable intro by Andreas Constantinou, who performs the show for the first time since both his father and mother passed away.

  SVALHOLM // PRIMUS  04/06/21 // 16.30am – 17.30am

WATCH THE DIGITAL SHOWCASE – a fascinating visual meditative excerpt of the original performance

WATCH THE DIGITAL SHOWCASE – a strong choreography manifesting the artistic essence of the work SAMBA.

CANTABILE 2 // RE(W)RITE! 01/06/21 // 14.00pm – 15.40pm // 2 slots : 14.00PM – 14.30PM // 14.30PM – 15.00PM

WATCH THE TALK between Russian curator Nika Parkhomovskaya, who attended their digital showcase, and artistic director Nullo Facchini.